The Dallas Contemporary Museum
Gallery 2
Sept 23-Dec 21, 2014
two person show with Lucia Simek

Two artists, both female, are squished into a hallway (a liminal space, a throughway) in between monumentally scaled, male-dominated exhibition spaces. As a result, this exhibition became about confronting various self and other-made impediments and navigating what appears impassable.

In this liminal space, absurd, foreboding fears are etched into glass and made legible only by the shadows they cast onto sturdy white walls. Some text has been obscured: redacted into blocky shapes which suggest obstacles to understanding. Wacky, unwieldy props rest nearby ready to hack away at the shadows while a termite riddled sawhorse perches itself precariously above folks who just want to quench their thirst.

Todd Camplin review for Modern Dallas DC install 1b.jpg text dtl2.jpg text dtl1.jpg kc_ls_dc_06 web.jpg text 1 web.jpg kc_ls_dc_07 web.jpg fan dtl3.jpg blocked text full left.jpg blocked text dtl1_v2.jpg chop props DC web.jpg imminent open space dtl2.jpg KC imminent open space DC.jpg