soak stain bleed bloom
The Pollock Gallery
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
Jan 31-Mar 21, 2015

soak stain bleed bloom explores the fluid language of production. Soaking, staining, bleeding and blooming at first describe private material encounters born witness to behind closed studio doors. Their symbolic implications are considered further in an environment that calls sign and significance into question. The installation includes physical traces of a fluid studio process, framing residue into objects that imply abject yet hopeful states.

soak /s?k/ verb: to become wet by immersing in liquid. “soak the beans overnight” synonyms: immerse, steep, submerge, dip, dunk, bathe | stain /st?n/ verb: to mark with dirty marks that are not easily removed, “her clothing was stained with blood” synonyms: blemish, soil, muddy, spot, spatter, splatter | bleed/ bl?d/ verb: to lose blood from the body as a result of injury. “the cut was steadily bleeding” | bloom/ blo?om/ verb: to be in flower. “a rose tree bloomed on a ruined wall” synonyms: flower, blossom, mature, “the geraniums bloomed” noun: a youthful glow. “her face had lost its usual bloom” synonyms: radiance, luster, sheen.

Conversation with Pollock curatorial fellow Danielle Avram

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