web_v2.jpg (fight and flight)-1 copy_v2.jpg still proper kneading copy_v2.jpg webLR_v2.jpg (an armature for Wilfred) web.jpg tag and clouds install web.jpg install tiny tags web.jpg (faded Faded Glory)_side web.jpg (faded Faded Glory) detail web_v2.jpg,-skewered-front-web_v2.jpg collars side web_v2.jpg (only seams)-1.jpg (invisible labor - Jose with snaps) web copy.jpg Jackson web.jpg (gray collar ghost) web copy.jpg (red cuff highrise) web.jpg,-black,-white)-web-copy.jpg,-black,-white)_side-web-copy.jpg (Six Flags sunset) web.jpg (Six Flags sunset)_side web.jpg

Architectures of Aspiration (r.i.p.), Liliana Bloch Gallery, 2017

A show about workers and working, about aspirational endeavors and the structures that support or impede their fulfillment.

Suspended work shirts, reduced to seams reveal impotent architectures of once robust labor. The bones of each garment reveal particular patinas accrued over time; their once dynamic gestures now in a state of symmetrical repose. These soft reliefs are signs of stilled labor.

Tags from work shirts, stripped, flipped and taken out of context become miniature paintings with formal references to monumental modernist works: post war heroism and transcendent fields of color are dwarfed by these incidental readymades—hidden paintings popularized in shirt collars and pressed discretely against the sweaty necks of workers in action.