<em>Fundamental Sameness, Manufactured Difference,</em> 2019, copper plumbing, steam, food grade plastic tubing, copper teapots, water, burners, green tea, grass with scents of tobacco and dirt, 40” x 150” x 80”                          

Material Intension

Kristen Cochran
Travis Iurato
Leslie Martinez

April, 2019
at ex ovo

Material Intension is an exhibition of recent multidisciplinary work by Dallas-based artists Kristen Cochran, Travis Iurato, and Leslie Martinez. Though these artists are concerned with with vastly different lines of inquiry, the resonances between their modes of working and the formal results of those processes are striking. Their shared vocabulary of actions includes, but is in no way limited to: cutting, soaking, dyeing, folding, eviscerating, accumulating, cracking, disassembling, reassembling, stretching, piercing, hardening, pulping, defamiliarizing, sewing, crumpling, dissociating, layering, molding, kneading, and hanging. The “how,” “why,” and “to what end” is, of course, particular to each artist. In the fields of linguistics and logic, intension refers to the internal content of a concept—any property or quality evoked by a word or phrase. In the context of this exhibition it suggests the range of associations that a material or action might contain. Put another way, intension expands the field; it allows for multiplicities of meaning, and the coexistence of contradictions, at once harmonious and discordant.