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Fold In
Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
December 8, 2018 - March 3, 2019

Three person show with Katy Heinlein and Marcelyn McNeil

"Cochran, Heinlein, and McNeil utilize a carefully considered palette in their toying, sensual exploration of pictorial and actual space. A loose architecture exists in all of the work, a structure that frames a ghostly emptiness. Each artist is pragmatic and provisional, utilizing an economy of means. There is deadpan humor present in the work, an obtuseness, a muted feeling, and an acceptance of mystery."

"The simultaneity of object and making (or, more accurately, unmaking) reaches its apogee here Kristen Cochran’s “deconstructed” and “suspended” (the artist’s terms) workshirts. Cutting away everything except the seams of various types of clothes and uniforms associated with manual labour (fluorescent road-crew work shirts, blue work shirts, a white painter’s suit) Cochran hangs these slender seams on simple metal hooks to create delicate, symmetrical drawings in space. (Bilateral symmetry is a theme that recurs through the show, with the effect of subtly evoking the human figure via abstract forms.) The physical properties of each type of clothing affect the hanging structures, which possess a memorable totemic quality, even as they lead us to think about issues of class, labour and the diminishing role of the handmade in our society, themes that also inform Cochran’s cement-filled work gloves and photographs of unstitched pockets." ~ Raphael Rubenstein