phone: 206.353.5332
IG: @cathedrals_of_jelly

Through sculpture, installation, video and print, my practice brings attention to the traces and residues of humans’ best efforts, the tragi-comic nature of human handiwork and the passage of time. Socio-economic disparities, workplace politics and the relationship between basic needs and transcendent desires are metaphorically embedded in the materials with which I work.

‘Dreamtime’, body-care and self actualization are adjacent areas of research that reflect my studies in anatomy and physiology, the psychology of touch and therapeutic massage. These interests have materialized variously as meditative copper clock-fountains, suspended time chimes, post -apocalyptic bake shop displays and racks of cured meats to name a few.

Kristen Cochran is an artist living and working in Dallas, TX. Originally from Portland, OR, she moved to Texas to complete her MFA in sculpture. She has exhibited her work widely and has been awarded residencies in Long Island City, NY, Mittersill, Austria, Banner, Wyoming and The Center for Arts and Medicine at Baylor Hospital (Dallas, TX). Kristen has taught extensively at universities and museums in the Dallas-Fort Worth area including The University of Texas, Dallas, The Nasher Sculpture Center and The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  Recent exhibitions include: To Sometimes Disappear at The NARS Foundation (Brooklyn, NY), Tender and Fierce at ArtPace (San Antonio, TX), fare   well at The Nasher Sculpture Center, chroma soma at Barry Whistler Gallery (Dallas, TX) and GOALS at Wright State University (Dayton, OH). Her interdisciplinary work materializes via acts of meandering, noticing, collecting, decontextualizing and reconfiguring utilitarian objects towards poetic ends. In the studio she is currently deconstructing inflatable pools, curing fake sausages and casting cellular memory devices.