Autobody as an idea is rich with associations relating to automatism, the subconscious, labor and healing (it also relates to my past work as a massage therapist or ‘bodyworker’.) My sculptural aims are to collaborate with and learn from the mechanics, painters, and technicians at Chuck's Auto; to use shop tools and techniques to 'trim down' a car to its edges (make/ model TBD) resulting in a sculpture that is light and linear—consisting primarily of ‘seams’ and points of articulation. Remaining surfaces will be explored as substrates for experimental, airbrushed, ‘auto drawings’ or reflective color field sculptures. Greg Price, the owner, has offered a labor trade to help me with techniques and access to tools. How the work actually takes shape will be discovered through process.
This work began in Winter 2021 at The Corsicana Artist and Writer’s Residency

Visual Research

Material research (surface casting)