Wright State University, 8.20.19 - 10.8.19

Night shift wishes (5pm- 12am) , copper plumbing, silver solder, pennies, ceramic bread crusts, acrylic, water, fabric, aloha shirt fragment, cement, silicone, lavendar

daily ceremony (left), drawn and quartered denim (right), dimensions variable, modified work wear, copper pipe, dessicated bread loaves, unfired clay, wire, hardware, 2019

family of four, uniform tags and shirt labels, adhesive, plywood, hardware, 2019

Time Chime:

96” x 140”x x120” (variable), copper pipe, silver solder, dessicated bread loaves, unfired clay, hardware, 2019

suspended labor (red, white and blue), shirt seams, cement, particle masks, steel, hardware, pennies, 2019