cellular memory, (pocket change prototype), 2020  Hydrocal, pennies

Time tablets: Casual Friday, Hydrocal, charcoal, pennies, shirt fragment, USB cord, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: in god we trust, 2020, oxidized pennies, shirt fragments, charred rainbow chard, 18”x14”x1.5”
Time Tablets: retirement fund, 2020, oxidized pennies, deconstructed painters suit, modified work shirt, 18”x14”x1.5”

how to tie a tie (Polo to wrangler), 2020

Time Tablets: our daily bread ties (for L.Owen), 2020, portland cement, shirt fragments, bread ties, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: white collar #4695, 2020, shirt fragments, Hydrocal, pigment, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: kick the can can, 2020, Hydrocal, found materials, charred rainbow chard, modified copper sheet and pennies, 18”x14”x1.25”

 Time Tablets (studio installation view)
Running on Cargo