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After Carolee: Tender and Fierce, installation view, Artpace, San Antonio 1/7/21 - 4/25/21

cured bodies or the transmogrification of labor into sausages or how atrophy leads to alchemy leads to agency, 2021  (detail)

shredded and pulped work clothing, industrial and cosmetic binders (wax, silicone, cement), butchers twine, hog ties, stainless steel and hardware

Through artisanal means, ‘cured bodies’ pulls apart and repurposes artists' work wear. Work shirt threads coalesce into meaty appendages that embody strong and lively past endeavors. Embedded with unique sweat equity and creative laboring, a collective portrait of suspended effort has arrived.  Makeshift displays of meat curing in shop window, dangling from dowel rods in suburban basements, or strung up in curlicues on industrial racks, set the material stage for metaphors about the body at work and at rest, about aspiration, desire, futility and transformation over time.

*Curing relieves symptoms of disease and reduces pain. Curing eliminates injury. Curing preserves, purifies and protects. Curing requires time and produces a fundamental change in the nature of a thing.

fare well, 2020, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX   July, 2020

video link

Naked in Fur, University of Texas at Dallas, August 14th- September 24th, 2020

PTO, 2020, shirt fragments, custom neon, transformers, pennies, Freedent, hardware

Whirlpool wishing well, 2019, urethane, digital print, lucite, water, immersible pump, pennies

studio current:
cellular memory, (pocket change prototype), 2020  Hydrocal, pennies

Time tablets: Casual Friday, Hydrocal, charcoal, pennies, shirt fragment, USB cord, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: in god we trust, 2020, oxidized pennies, shirt fragments, charred rainbow chard, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: retirement fund, 2020, oxidized pennies, deconstructed painters suit, modified work shirt, 18”x14”x1.5”

how to tie a tie (Polo to wrangler), 2020

Time Tablets: our daily bread ties (for L.Owen), 2020, portland cement, shirt fragments, bread ties, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: white collar #4695, 2020, shirt fragments, Hydrocal, pigment, 18”x14”x1.5”

Time Tablets: kick the can can, 2020, Hydrocal, found materials, charred rainbow chard, modified copper sheet and pennies, 18”x14”x1.25”

 Time Tablets (studio installation view)

fundamental sameness, manufactured difference, 2019, copper pipe, solder, copper teapots, burners, custom tea blend (tobacco, green tea, chamomile, local grasses)

Running on Cargo
GOALS, Wright State University, 8.20.19 - 10.8.19

Night shift wishes (5pm- 12am) , copper plumbing, silver solder, pennies, ceramic bread crusts, acrylic, water, fabric, aloha shirt fragment, cement, silicone, lavendar

Night shift wishes (5pm- 12am), fountain detail

GOALS (Installation view), 2019

daily ceremony (left), drawn and quartered denim (right), dimensions variable, modified work wear, copper pipe, dessicated bread loaves, unfired clay, wire, hardware, 2019

family of four, uniform name tags and shirt labels, adhesive, plywood, hardware

Time Chime, 96” x 140”x x120” (variable), copper pipe, silver solder, dessicated bread loaves, unfired clay, hardware, 2019

suspended labor (red, white and blue), shirt seams, cement, particle masks, steel, hardware, pennies, 2019